Pet Mod Book of Enigmas - Slate 3: Same But Different Maybe?


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:ho-oh: Sky: flying specter, prismatic needle, flying fanfare, pistil whip, auerate fin
:lugia: Sea: weeping vine, argent hydra, twisted fangs, sealed greed, carnage karura


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:ho-oh: Sky: Archangel Cerbero (SV), Augmented Axes, Aureate Fin
:lugia: Sea: Soul Stage, Runic Insult, Winged Serpent, Weeping Vine


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:ho-oh: Discreet Anemone, Gilded Fleece, Iron Zephyr, Aureate Fin, Archangel Cerbero, Fabled Flier

:Lugia: Bitter Bog, Spiteful Beetle, Abyss Maw, Spoon Scavenger, Weeping Vine, Raging Tempest, Winged Serpent, Argent Artist

I picked the subs that would add the most impactful roles to the meta while still being interesting in design.


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:lugia:Argent Hydra, Bombshell Bane (sv), Coral Tyrant, Weeping Vine, Spoon Scavenger
:ho-oh:PISTIL WHIP (sv), Aureate Fin, Iron Zephyr, Gilded Fleece
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:ho-oh: Sky: Gilded Fleece (SV), Iron Zephyr, Pistil Whip, Charred Dust, Tangled Serpent
:lugia: Sea: Twisted Fangs, Argent Hydra, Silent Wings, Bog Champ, Carnage Karura
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Ema Skye

Okay here we go!!

First off, some sad news. Our intrepid leader, Albatross the bird, has stepped down from leading the mod. I have stepped up in her stead. We have also added two new council members to fill the big shoes she left: zxgzxg and anaconja.

And now, our winners.

:suicune: Slate 1 Winners :articuno:

2nd Place for Sky
:SV/sableye-mega:View attachment 471994(wip sprite)
Name: Flying Specter
Original Pokemon: Sableye
Type: Ghost / Flying
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 85 / 101 / 123 / 101 / 83 / 97 | 590
Paradox: Sky
New Moves: Acrobatics, Hurricane, Thunder, Hydro Pump, Air Slash, Air Cutter, Defog, U-Turn
Removed Moves: all Dark-type moves besides Knock Off, Taunt, and Nasty Plot; elemental punches, Calm Mind
Custom Move: Crystal Wave | Flying | Special | 85 BP | 100% Acc | 15 PP | Wind | Suppresses the target's ability if it has a status condition.
Sableye in the Sky?
There have been various reports around Johto of an unidentified flying object; they cluster around Bell Tower, where a few mention a Sableye riding a large, crimson gem, followed by sudden thunderstorms. The Book of Enigmas tells the tale that Flying Specter created storms to block the invaders who tried to steal Ho-oh 150 years ago.
Competitive Description: ursaluna counter + nasty plot user + defogger.
1st Place for Sky
sea paradox subs have been going hard so far, will just sub for sky

Name: Gilded Fleece
Original Pokemon: Mega Ampharos

Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 109 HP / 135 Atk / 117 Def / 107 SpA / 79 SpD / 43 Spe / 590 BST
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Body Press, Bulk Up, Dazzling Gleam, Drain Punch, Draining Kiss, Hammer Arm, Horn Drill, Horn Attack, Misty Terrain, Misty Explosion, Moonblast, Play Rough, Spirit Break, Thunder Hammer


Base Power: 90
Accuracy: 100
PP: 15
Effect: Lowers the user's Speed by 1 stage.
Priority: 0
Flags: Contact, Protect, Punch, Mirror
Removed Moves: After You, Confuse Ray, Dragon Pulse, Hold Back, Laser Focus, Odor Sleuth, Screech

Description: Currently, our only bulky Electric is Zapdos and every Electric happens to be a special attacker (aside from the mid Electivire). The number of viable Fairies is low is well. So I wanted to diversify our options for both typings. Gilded Fleece serves as a physically offensive tank with a great overall typing. Its defensive profile and bulk allows it to check theats such as Gapdos, Goltres, Scizor and Heracross while boasting a strong offensive presence thanks to its STAB combo, access to Fighting and Fire coverage as well as a monstrous 135 Atk. Gilded Fleece is able to keep itself healthy with Drain Punch, provide support with Heal Bell and slow pivot with VSwitch. Lefties is likely the item of choice for longevity, tho AV lets it be an overall sponge while Band grants it more power. It also has set-up options in BU and Cotton Guard, the latter being able to greatly abuse BPress.
Gilded Fleece: An Ampharos Clad in Gold?!
  • This mysterious being is named Gilded Fleece after a similarly described creature in the Book of Enigmas. It looks similar to Ampharos when they undergo a certain phenomenon elsewhere in the world, but it's unclear if there is any connection.
  • Much of this creature’s body is wrapped in a mane of golden wool that glistens like sunshine. This wool is extremely tough and can absorb impacts with nary a tear. With shimmering wool as armor and giant horns as weapons, Gilded Fleece can batter any foe into submission.

Inspired by the golden fleece of Greek myth. Takes elements from Flaaffy (similar to how Roaring Moon takes elements from Shelgon), having pink skin and a curly mane of wool. On its head are pair of ram-like horns.
2nd Place for Sea
Name: Weeping Vine
Original Pokemon: Victreebel

Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 100 / 100 / 100 / 80 / 110 / 80 [570 BST]
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Dark Pulse, Foul Play, Spicy Extract
Removed Moves: N/A

Description: Spicy Extract is cool. You might be thinking, ‘isn’t it just worse Screech?’, but you’d be so wrong. You see, this is actually the best Foul Play enabling tool in existence. No special attacker will be safe in the face of your almighty Spicy Extract Foul Play Weeping Vine!!! Alternatively just run it as a wall lol, mon’s got utility out the wazoo.
Very elusive; it is unknown if more than one exists. Resembles a cave described in ancient texts that would lure in the weary with images of great riches and food to then consume them.
1st Place for Sea
Name: Raging Tempest
Original Pokemon: Gyarados-Mega
Type: Electric / Dark
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 92 / 84 / 80 / 120 / 118 / 96 [590 BST]
Paradox: Sea
New Moves: Nasty Plot, Hurricane, Air Slash
Removed Moves: all Water-type moves except Hydro Pump/Surf/Water Pulse, Ice Beam
The mysterious entity named "Raging Tempest" appears to resemble a similar entity in the Book of Enigmas. It looks similar to Gyarados when it undergoes a certain phenomenon elsewhere in the world, but it's unclear if there's any connection. It was rumored to have been created when a Gyarados was struck by lightning during a particularly ferocious storm, granting it extraordinary powers. That power, however, corrupted its mind with anger and hatred, turning it eternally vengeful. It is rumored that wherever a storm goes, Raging Tempest will follow, creating unprecedented amounts of destruction.
Competitive Description: Nasty Plot wallbreaker. Has decent bulk [particularly on the special side] so it can take a hit or two if needed, and 120 base special attack gives it very good attacking power before and after a boost, especially with your STABs and Hydro Pump for coverage against Ground-types like Ursaluna. However, your defensive typing and somewhat weak physical bulk leave you open against mons like Galarian Zapdos and Heracross. Furthermore, while a speed tier of 96 lets Raging Tempest get the first strike on a good portion of mons, it also leaves it outsped in the face of faster, more offensive threats.

On the topic of vote counts, council had an exceptionally difficult time counting votes (five of us counted and we ALL had different numbers until this morning, thanks bloopy!). Council is currently discussing alternatives to the voting system, including a Discord bot similar to FEUU. We will let you know what changes.

:raikou: Slate 2: More of the Same :zapdos:

It's paradox time! As a quick reminder, we are not treating these submissions as pairs!
They will be treated as separate submissions in voting, so please keep that in mind if you
plan to create any sky/sea counterparts.

There are no restrictions on subbing this time. Council has discussed the possibility of making sub restrictions to help focus submissions on specific metagame gaps. That will be communicated should the time come.

Submission rules & guidelines are as follows:​
  • All submissions must have 570 BST - submissions that use mega Pokémon may use 590 BST, but it’s recommended that these types of submissions are made sparingly
  • All sky & sea paradox submissions must use their respective custom abilities - Cleansing Fire and Corrupting Storm
  • All submissions must share at least one type with their original
  • All sky paradox submissions must have odd-numbered stats, while all sea paradox submissions must have even-numbered stats
  • Submissions must use Pokémon from HGSS’ regional dex + swarm mons & regional forms (ie. you can use Typhlosion, since it’s in HGSS’s dex, but you cannot use Corviknight)
  • Movepools will be assumed to be from the original Pokémon’s movepool, unless specified
  • You may submit up to 4 paradoxes, either sky or sea - you may sub 3 sky and 1 sea, 1 sea only, 2 sky and 2 sea, etc. Two submissions will then be voted in - one sky and one sea!
  • Custom moves are allowed
Using this template is not required
[B]Original Pokemon[/B]:

[B]New Moves[/B]:
[B]Removed Moves[/B]:


Name: Big Bird
Original Pokemon: Wingull
Type: Fighting / Water
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 101/101/101/101/101/65 (570 BST)
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Close Combat, Zen Headbutt
Removed Moves: Hydro Pump

Description: enormous bird.

Name: Blue Seagull
Original Pokemon: Wingull
Type: Water
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 100/100/100/100/100/70 (570 BST)
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Dark Pulse
Removed Moves: Hurricane

Description: azure avian.

If you have any questions then feel free to pm any member of council!​

Slate will go on for about 4 days but we will keep you updated should anything change.
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Name: Vengeful Bones
Original Pokemon: Tyranitar
Paradox: Sea

Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: HP 74 / Atk 132 / Def 96 / SpA 90 / SpD 88 / Spe 90 / 570
New Moves: Bone Rush, Bonemerang, Bone Club, Scorching Sands, Shadow Bone, Poltergeist, Grudge, Spite, Rage, Revenge, Superpower.
Removed Moves: Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Aerial Ace, Dragon Tail, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Avalanche, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Rest, Sleep Talk, Surf, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, Focus Blast, Thunder.

Base Power: 100
Accuracy:: 100%
PP: 10 / 16
Effect: 25% recoil.
Priority: 0
Flags: Mirror, Protect
This specimen, and all like it, have been labeled as “Vengeful Bones” due to its resemblance to an illustration found in a silver tome, which describes of a “skeleton of a drowned Tyranitar reanimated by the legendary Lugia, the cost being that it is ridden with eternal anger, seeking out those who wronged it before, and who wronged it after, never being able to let go, never being able to move on.”

“Despite appearing entirely made of bones, this Pokémon seems capable of consumption. Ironically enough, it appears its main source of sustenance is the remains of other Pokémon, specifically the bones.”

“This Pokémon will hold a grudge over the most minor of offenses against it, to no extent will it stop to exact that of its revenge.”

It’s a Tyranitar skeleton. Room for more to be added.

role "analysis" wip

:sv/Ursaring: :skarmory:
Name: Mechanical Menace
Original Pokemon: Ursaring
Paradox: Sea

Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: HP 90 / Atk 135 / Def 135 / SpA 70 / SpD 85 / Spe 55 / 570 BST
New Moves: Heavy Slam (see Ursaluna's weight), Iron Head, Iron Defense, Gear Grind, Metal Burst, Metal Sound, Charge, Eerie Impulse, Wild Charge, Body Press.
Removed Moves: Bulk Up.
mock-up excerpt

“pokedex entry 1”

“pokedex entry 2”

fnaf at Feddy's - basically take Ursaring and slap Skarmory's general mechanical theming/aspect and color palette (though a little more desaturated) on it.

Super scary steel showing monstrous physical stats which gets even scarier thanks to moves like Swords Dance, and Iron Defense, making it the more effective of a breaker and one that's harder to break. Mostly held back by it's poor speed stat and 4x weakness to fighting (just shoot it with an Aura Sphere or Focus Blast, though that said it has pretty good HP and special defense on top of the already sky high defense stat), nor does it have a great STAB combo, that said it can boost its speed with Trailblaze (which can also allow it to surprise unsuspecting ground and water types, even with a base power 50) and furthermore it has plenty of good coverage moves (most notably moves like Play Rough, Earthquake, and Close Combat).
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Name: Spindle Jockey
Original Pokemon: Hitmontop
Type: Fighting / Fairy
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 69 / 105 / 105 / 59 / 121 / 111 | 570
Paradox: Sky
New Moves: Play Rough, Knock Off, U-Turn, Court Change
Competitive Description: another fairy, this time offensive pivoter with hazard control.

Name: Forged Flame
Original Pokemon: Steelix
Type: Steel / Fire
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 105 / 125 / 105 / 105 / 75 / 55 | 570
Paradox: Sky
New Moves: Flare Blitz, Heat Crash, Overheat, Burn Up, Fire Blast, Heat Wave, Flamethrower, Lava Plume, Fire Spin, Will-o-Wisp
Removed Moves: all Ground-type moves besides Earthquake, Earth Power, and Scorching Sands
Competitive Description: defensive steel #3. sets rocks and stuff.

Name: Terracotta Idol
Original Pokemon: Claydol
Type: Ground / Fighting
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 74 / 90 / 126 / 108 / 72 / 100 | 570
Paradox: Sea
New Moves: Focus Blast, Aura Sphere
Removed Moves: all Psychic-type moves besides Calm Mind, Psychic, Magic Coat, Teleport, Trick, and Rest
Competitive Description: weeping vine and raging tempest check. great tusk but Special.

Name: Argent Hydra
Original Pokemon: Kingdra
Type: Steel / Dragon
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 80 / 100 / 100 / 100 / 100 / 90 | 570
Paradox: Sea
New Moves: Autotomize, Gyro Ball, Iron Tail, Iron Defense, Metal Burst, Dragon Rush, Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail, Rapid Spin
Removed Moves: Curse, Dragon Dance, all Water moves besides Flip Turn, Liquidation, and Surf
Armored Seahorse?
A blurry photograph of the sea shows a Kingdra-esque silouhette on Sea Route 41. Fisherman say they swear they saw it in silver armor, racing across the ocean at at least 100 kilometers an hour.
Competitive Description: defensive steel #4. plays like jirachonator but with no smash or doom desire.
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Name: Aureate Fin
Original Pokemon: Magikarp

Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 61 HP / 111 Atk / 141 Def / 63 SpA / 53 SpD / 141 Spe | BST: 570
Paradox: Sky
New Moves: Magikarp's Movepool + Feebas's Movepool + Reversal, Final Gambit, Superpower, Brick Break, Bulk Up, Storm Throw, Body Press, Flying Press, No Retreat, Counter, Aqua Jet, Encore
Removed Moves: Toxic
Description: Funny set up sweeper, can use either Bulk Up to be a consistent menace or use No Retreat as a no holds barred late game cleaner. It is also plain old excellent at speed control, sporting a 141 speed stat makes it a pain in the ass for offense to deal with. No "good" fighting STAB forces Aureate Fin users to be creative in their means to hit Water resists.

Name: Noxious Sting
Original Pokemon: Beedrill

Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 78 HP / 122 Atk / 68 Def / 90 SpA / 108 SpD / 124 Spe | BST: 590
Paradox: Sea
New Moves: Beedrill's Movepool + Psycho Cut, Psychic, Zen Headbutt, Gunk Shot, Nasty Plot, Calm Mind, Psycho Shift, Thunder Wave, Psyshock, Future Sight, Psybeam, Barb Barrage, Superpower
Removed Moves: Sunny Day, Roost, Defog
Signature Move: Neurotoxin - Psychic | 70 BP | 15 PP | Physical | Contact | Doubles in power if opponent is statused. 30% chance to paralyze.
Description: Noxious Sting is a fast hit and run Pokémon that relies on spreading status to various Pokémon before hightailing out of there with U-turn.

Name: Corroded Star
Original Pokemon: Clefairy

Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 94 HP / 94 Atk / 110 Def / 86 SpA / 76 SpD / 108 Spe | BST: 570
Paradox: Sea
New Moves: Clefairy's Movepool + Gunk Shot, Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Toxic Spikes, Haze, Clear Smog, Tail Glow, Poison Jab, Baneful Bunker, Gastro Acid, Taunt, Overheat, Earthquake, Ice Spinner
Removed Moves: Sunny Day, Softboiled, Knock Off, Stealth Rock, Heal Bell, Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, Aromatherapy
Signature Move: Shooting Star - Fairy | - BP | 8 PP | Status | - | User loses 50% of their max HP and switches out. Replacement get's 50% of the user's maximum HP and cures any status, if any. Fails if user has 50% of their maximum HP or less before use.
Description: Corroded Star is a utility liye Pokémon, that can utilize it's potent signature as a Wish + Free Pivot move, at the cost of your own HP. Outside of the move, Corroded Star can either attempt it's hand at Tail Glow wallbreaking or just plain old straight utility / physical attacking since it has a respectful statline with the capacity of multiple different roles if necessary.
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Name: Restless Flames
Original Pokemon: Gastly
Type: Ghost/Fire
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 75/95/85/125/85/105 [BST 570]
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Fire Blast, Heat Wave, Flamethrower, Sacred Fire, Ember, Incinerate
(useless moves added in italics)
Removed Moves: All poison moves besides Clear Smog

Description: Try as Ho-Oh might but not every soul it saves can return to its body. Those that are unlucky enough to lose their body gain a new one from the flames of Ho-Oh itself. Their souls fuse with the ball of fire creating a fiery cloud that protects the spherical spirit inside. They once resided in Bell Tower protecting Ho-Oh from all those that wish it harm. It is said that these souls are the reason Gastly haunt the tower now.
In competitive its a special sweeper with access to Nasty Plot and some interesting coverage like Thunderbolt and Dazzling Gleam to pair with its existing STABs.

Name: Rhythmic Mystic
Original Pokemon: Jynx
Type: Fairy/Psychic
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 95/75/75/115/125/85 [BST 570]
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Revelation Dance, Mystical Fire, Morning Sun, Moonlight, Teeter Dance, Fairy Wind, Disarming Voice, Swords Dance, Feather Dance, Dragon Dance
(useless moves added in italics)

Removed Moves: Lovely Kiss, Sweet Kiss, All Ice Type Moves

Description: It is written that Ho-Oh knew that the history of Johto would needed to be preserved somehow. Thus it enlisted the help of a strange female pokemon to preserve that history through strange dances, each telling a story. Dressed in refined red kimonos these pokemon travelled Johto spreading their dances to humans and pokemon alike. It is said to have great affinity with the pokemon Eevee.

In competitive its a nasty plot set up sweeper with some good special bulk. I was tempted to give it fiery dance but decided against it.

Name: Clear Cutter
Original Pokemon: Krabby
Type: Water/Psychic
Ability: Corrupted Storm
Stats: 82/130/120/104/60/74 [BST 570]
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Psycho Cutter, Psychic, Psyshock, Calm Mind, Confusion, Air Cutter
(useless moves added in italics)

Removed Moves:

Description: This strange pokemon appears to have stolen a Clear Feather from Lugia itself. The power of this feather gave it strange psychic abilities almost mimicking Lugia itself. Perhaps the guardian of the depths left it out on purpose in order to insure the Whirl Islands remained protected even when it was dormant, or perhaps to protect itself while it rested. Regardless it seems to be very dangerous, do not interact.

In competitive this would most likely be a physical wallbreaker thanks to its high attack and access to swords dance, but it could go special if it really wanted to if it sets up enough calm minds.

Name: Eternal Egg
Original Pokemon: Togepi
Type: Fairy/Ghost
Ability: Corrupted Storm
Stats: 70/86/122/94/122/76
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Hex, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp, Moonblast
(useless moves added in italics)
Removed Moves:

Description: A strange pokemon is said to have resided on the Whirl Islands. Cursed to never truly be free of its egg shell, this strange creature is not truly alive. It merely exists since nothing can escape its shell, including its soul. It was said to wander the shores questioning why it can never be free and taking its rage out on other inhabitants. When encountered by outsiders however it seems to merely go into its shell. Consider it one of the safer creatures to encounter if you see it.

In competitive this would be a mixed wall idk what else to say here.
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Name: Archangel Cerbero
Original Pokemon: Houndoom

Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 143 / 65 / 89 / 143 / 65 / 65 [570 BST]
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Spirit Breaker, Dazzling Gleam, Heal Pulse, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Volt Switch, Wish, Teleport.
Removed Moves: All Poison & Dark-Type Moves, Shadow Ball.

" A Healing Houndoom..."

Said to have been directly blessed by Ho-Oh, this Triple-Headed Pokemon inhabits one of the highest peaks in Johto, close to Mt. Mortar.
This Pokemon's fire has healed several travelers mortal wounds, and restored their vitality, riddling them of any tiredness, while being warm as a summer breeze.
Rumours even circle around Johto's south region about a Tyranitar that disturbed the Cerberus to take hold of the mountain , and was then quickly ejected from the peak like a bird taking flight.
If not disturbed, and approached kindly, this Pokemon will act as a resting point, a healer, a Cleric. Otherwise, it'll face you with some of the attacks that only the fiercest of warriors can tolerate without fainting.

Competitive Description: Bulky AV user, Specs Wallbreaker, or Physical Wall/Wishport Cleric

Name: Spoon Scavenger
Original Pokemon: Mega Alakazam

Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 110 / 120 / 76 / 90 / 64 / 120 [590 BST]
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Spoon Reckoning*, Sacred Sword, U-Turn.
Removed Moves: Nasty Plot.

"A Spoon-Armored Scout?"

The elderly owner of a DayCare for pokemon in a Route close to Goldenrod reported to the City Police that their house was being broken into by an "Agile, armored ruffian" as stated by the senior citizen. The description of the man lead the detective on the case to believe that this incident was not isolated, as in the last month, several reports have come up stating practically the same, in the middle of the night, the light rustling of metal is heard, and in the morning, most of the cutlery on the house was missing. Specially, the spoons. Not a lot of people can claim to have caught a glimpse of the thief, but the ones who did, claim that the rustling of metal that could be compared to a Wind Chime is due to the perpetrator wearing an armor made of all the spoons it has stolen. It is also said to have a shining, long silver moustache from where forks hang like fish just caught.

Competitive Description: mid bulk Choice Abuser, lack of a truly good psychic stab limits this, run CM if ur insane.

Custom: Spoon Reckoning |
| 16 PP | 10 BP | 100% Acc | Hits 7 times. Always Crits.

Name: Aphid Stampede
Original Pokemon: Rhyhorn

Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 120 / 60 / 120 / 70 / 120 / 80 [570 BST]
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Irrigation, Silk Trap, Shell Smash, Bug Buzz, Lunge, U-Turn.
Removed Moves: All Dark-Type moves.

"Canyon crawling rhyhorn?"

It is said that once a Rhyhorn was beaten to the brink of death by an Primeape, but before the attacker was able to deliver the finishing blow, Lugia blessed the Rhyhorn with long, strong legs, as sturdy as the rhyhorn ones, a long horn, sharp as a spear, and a shining, dark brown exoskeleton, stronger than steel. From then, not only was it able to beat that primeape, but it took the whole cave system in Route 47 as its own, and now inhabits this place, protecting small pokemon from their usual predators.

Competitive Description: arceus defenses Gilded Fleece and Raging Tempest check, could try to be a breaker w shell smash, even if just for the surprise factor.

Custom: Irrigation |
| 16 PP | User heals HP equal to the target's Special Attack stat. Lowers SpAtk by 1.

Name: Mesmerizing Aura (WIP)
Original Pokemon: Ninetales-Alola

Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 85 / 115 / 55 / 115 / 65 / 145 [570 BST]
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Shadow Ball, Memento, Misty Explosion, Spikes, Light Screen.
Removed Moves: All Ice-Type moves except Blizzard, Calm Mind.

"A Visage of Good Luck."

Incredibly few have been granted permission to climb the Mt. Silver, but those who have, know that, along the side of the mountain, standing in the snow, you can encounter a Ninetales with 14 tails and a bright orange aura that'll grant you success in anything that you do there just by seeing it. This creature that seems pulled out straight from an oldwives tale, is said to be Ho-Oh's vizier by those who claim to have met it.

Competitive Description: suicide lead or glass cannon that wants to set up w np but has a better chance of being named governor of San Miguel de Tucuman
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Name: Sly Fortune
Original Pokemon: Sentret

Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 97 HP / 103 Atk / 71 Def / 101 SpA / 75 SpD / 123 Spe / 570 BST
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Breaking Swipe, Defog, Draco Meteor, Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Dragon Tail, Happy Hour, Outrage, Pay Day, Slack Off, Taunt, Thunder Wave
Removed Moves: Amnesia, Baby-Doll Eyes, Charm, Curse, Fury Cutter

Description: pult/noivern type beat, 2nd fastest mon in the format and has good set variety
Sly Fortune: A Crafty Trickster?!
  • There are many stories spread across the Johto region that tell of a Sentret of rotund stature and mysterious powers. This description is similar to that of Sly Fortune, a creature that was written about in the Book of Enigmas.
  • Sly Fortune is rarely seen so not much is confirmed about it. Supposedly, it's a mischievous creature that can turn dried leaves into money. It has been claimed to do so for its own gain, but will bring legitimate prosperity to those it befriends.

It's Sentret but doubling down on its tanuki inspirations. Looks like Totoro.

Name: Hungering Fog
Original Pokemon: Haunter

Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 86 HP / 104 Atk / 82 Def / 104 SpA / 82 SpD / 112 Spe / 570 BST
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Avalanche, Blizzard, Belch, Chilling Water, Frost Breath, Ice Beam, Ice Shard, Ice Spinner, Icicle Crash, Mist, Powder Snow, Sheer Cold, Snowscape
Removed Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Hypnosis, Phantom Force, Skill Swap

Description: fast mixed breaker with a weird but effective stab combo
Hungering Fog: A Starving Winter Shadow?!
  • Tales claim that a malevolent spirit that resembles Haunter stalks the roads of Mahogany Town on particularly cold nights, apparently originating from Kanto's Lavender Town. This description lines up with a creature known as Hungering Fog within the Book of Enigmas.
  • Locals will tell you to be on your guard if it is dark and chilly out, as Hungering Fog is said to devour the souls of anyone who crosses its path. Long ago, ancient tribes would worship this creature and give it offerings in an attempt to quell its appetite.

Directly based on the Black Fog from the manga The Electric Tale of Pikachu, but Ice-type for comp purposes. Also takes some inspiration from Haunter’s Red and Blue sprite, prolly would have a cyan outline instead of purple.
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"This Pokemon is said to resemble a plant from ancient myth that lives high atop mountains, capturing anything that lands in its jaw-like Leaves."
Name: Voracious Maw
Original Pokemon: Mawile
Type: Steel/ Grass
: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 85 HP / 105 Atk / 101 Def / 91 SpA / 113 SpD / 75 Spe / 570 BST
Paradox: Sky
New Moves: Jaw Lock, Bullet Seed, Power Whip, Leaf Storm, Razor Leaf, Energy Ball, Giga Drain, Leech Seed, Stun Spore, Synthesis, Spikes, Roar, Fly Trap
Fly Trap
Grass, 40 BP, Physical, 100% Accuracy, 24 PP - Traps and damages target for 1/8 of health, lasts 5 turns. Deals 1/6 of health to Bug and Flying Types (Whirlpool + Salt Cure clone)
Removed Moves: All Fairy moves, Swords Dance
Description: No Ferrothorn? No problem! Voracious Maw serves a very similar role to the metal durian, laying down Hazards and racking up passive damage with Leech Seed, Fly Trap and Roar. It can also serve as a trapper with Fly Trap and Leech Seed slowly whittling down its foes.


"Nobody knows where this Pokemon is from. It appears to be able to copy the appearance of others "
Name: Violet Mimmic
Original Pokemon: Ditto
Type: Normal/ Poison
: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 110 HP / 80 Atk / 120 Def / 80 SpA / 130 SpD / 50 Spe / 570 BST
Paradox: Sea
New Moves: Protect, Recover, Refresh, Hyper Beam, Body Slam, Facade, Transform, Toxic, Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Poison Jab, Acid Armor, Calm Mind, Psychic, Stored Power, Haze, Thunder, Giga Drain, Knock Off
Removed Moves: N/A
Description: Incredibly bulky wall with a very limited movepool. Can also try to use a double dance Stored Power set, using its great bulk to acquire multiple boosts.
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Name: Bladed Bloom
Original Pokemon: Leafeon
Type: Grass / Fire
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 85 / 115 / 101 / 87 / 73 / 109 [570 BST]
Paradox: Sky
New Moves: Flare Blitz, Overheat, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Sacred Sword, U-turn
Removed Moves: Curse, Shadow Ball
"Numerous reports have detailed a mysterious entity resembling Leafeon throughout the Johto region, though there is very little connection between the two species, if any. The name "Bladed Bloom" was given due to its resemblance to a similarly-named entity in the Book of Enigmas. Its leaves burn brightly with the powers granted to it by Ho-Oh. Though the bladed leaves on its paws and tail are laced with pure fire that can cause severe burns, it only uses them as a last resort and is mostly peaceful otherwise, preferring to release special chemicals that cause foes to lose their will to fight. Strangely enough, its leaves have special healing properties, though not much is known about them."
Competitive Description: Fast offensive pivot that can also pack a punch due to its potent STAB combo. Not a lot of Grass-type offensive pivots [Tangrowth is primarily defensive] and not a lot of good Fire-types in the meta [Entei/Moltres are the only good ones, rest like Alolawak are mid outside of very specific scenarios], so why the hell not? Use your good power and decent STABs and coverage to go ham on the opponent, and with U-turn at the helm should you need to bring in another mon, Bladed Bloom can prove itself a formidable threat. Alternatively, you can also run a Swords Dance build or an All-Out Attacker build if you so desire, turning its already decent offensive presence up to 11. Despite this, its typing is not the best defensively, most notably leaving it with nasty weaknesses to Rock- and Flying-type moves. Furthermore, its special defense is not great, leaving it open against special attackers like Flying Specter that can live any attack Bladed Bloom throws at it.

Name: Baleful Blizzard
Original Pokemon: Glaceon
Type: Ice / Ghost
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 84 / 80 / 80 / 108 / 98 / 120 [570 BST]
Paradox: Sea
New Moves: Light Screen, Taunt, Dark Pulse, Focus Blast, Encore
Removed Moves: Sunny Day, Celebrate
"Mysterious sightings of an ethereal entity resembling Glaceon have been spotted throughout the Johto region, though there is very little connection between the two species, if any. The name "Baleful Blizzard" was given due to its resemblance to a similarly-named entity in the Book of Enigmas. It is said to have been created when a Glaceon died in the wild during a particularly tumultuous storm and revived, taking the more ragged form that sightings have described. It is highly aggressive, attacking those that come near with powerful blizzards created via its control over ice; despite its highly ferocious temperament, the entity is also very elusive, using the blizzards it creates as cover to escape. Because of this, not much more is known about Baleful Blizzard."
Competitive Description: Fast specs abuser. Use your good speed to fire off devastatingly powerful Freeze-Drys, Ice Beams, and Shadow Balls, which by themselves enable you to match up well versus mons like Flying Specter. With Focus Blast at the helm to hit Dark- and Steel-types super effectively, you can easily overcome mons like Tyranitar. In particular, it is a good abuser of Corrupting Storm, as, if it dies [which is very likely given its weak defenses], the chip it provides can either take one of the opponent's mons down with it or force a switch. Alternatively, it can take a more support-based route with dual screens and options like Taunt and Encore, though such an option is generally more niche compared to a straightforward attacking option. Suffers from a poor defensive typing and mediocre bulk that leaves it weak to Knock Off, Stealth Rock [if not running more niche support builds], and generally strong attacks, super effective or not.
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Name: Ponderous Orb
Original Pokemon: Chinchou

Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 115 / 55 / 85 / 105 / 115 / 95
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Flash Cannon, Gyro Ball, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Metal Burst, Metal Sound, Mirror Shot, Steel Beam, Thunder Cage
Removed Moves: Aqua Ring, Blizzard, Brine, Bubble, Bubble Beam, Hydro Pump, Scald, Soak, Water Gun, Water Pulse, Whirlpool

Description: Big SpDef Steel. We need specially defensive Steels, this annoys Zapdos and Gilded Fleece, everyone wins.
This Pokemon bears resemblance to a ghostly light described in ancient texts that would guide lost ships back to port from under the waves, only to disappear once land was in sight.

Name: Toxic Sentinel
Original Pokemon: Ariados

Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 80 / 130 / 100 / 70 / 100 / 90
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Night Watch, Confusion, Future Sight, Imprison, Psycho Cut, Psyshock, Trick, Zen Headbutt
Removed Moves: none

Night Watch: 90 BP, 100% Acc, 10 PP Physical Psychic. Contact. This move can still be used even if the user is Asleep.

Description: Glowking eat your heart out. Sneasler has been looking a little sus lately, so I added a funny mon to keep it in check. Does some other stuff too, like setting webs and bullying Tangrowth (please do not ask about the Weeping Vine matchup).
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Name: Howly-Whirl
Original Pokemon: Poliwhirl
Type: Water/Dark
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 134/58/96/96/114/72
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Hurricane, Aeroblast, Dark Pulse, Knock Off, Acrobatics, Psywave, Psyshock, Psychic, Taunt
Removed Moves: Scald

Description: The spiral on it’s belly is now enormous while its eyes become dark and life less. A mouth appears on its spiral that now looks like a maelstrom. It’s members are now falling down. It's meant to use Taunt the Heatran way.

A Melmetal like playstyle, you’re here, you’re bulky and you hit everything near you. Can trap but not very effectively.

Name: Lamp Loyal
Original Pokemon: Granbull
Type: Fire/Fairy
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 57/131/125/93/123/41
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Healing Wish, Wish, Mystical Fire, Will-O-Wisp, Sacred Fire, Eerie Spell, Perish Song, Faithful Hope
Removed Moves: Sludge Bomb, just all physical movepool except EQ, play Rough , Super Fang, Return and Counter,
Faithful Hope: status, Fire.
User loses 50% HP. The lost HP is remembered and healed to the next Pokemon entering the field, using Healing Wish's trigger.

Description: A cleric/monk/whatever religious you want that pries Ho-Oh. Its eyes are closed, it has a candle in its hands, just look kinder and less aggressive and with less muscles. It can’t touch anything dirty and hate violence.

An utility, I gave it Shuckle-like bulk instead if Alomola like because Wish-Pass with that much HP is not fun. It can run Special attacks to PP stall and reduce SpAtk.Can pass HP safely though.

Name: Rainy Savior
Original Pokemon: Fagirigaf
Type: WaterPsychic
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 114 66 88 116 102 78
Paradox: Sea
New Moves: Surf, Muddy Water, Water Gun, Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Avalanche, Water Sport
Quite dumb, based on a fireman that saves the tower, was created in emergency by Lugia.

Good Defensive bulky, Prio Heal isn't bad.

Name: Vulcano Spiteful
Original Pokemon: Gliscor
Type: Fire/Ground (I'd really have wanted to make it ghost but there's a clause sadly)I
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 83/81/79/113/141/73 (lol it's just scalemons gliscor with some inversions)
Paradox: Sky
New Moves: Ember, Fire Blast, Fire Spin, Flame Burst, Flame Charge, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Heat Wave, Incinerate, Inferno, Overheat, Will-O-Wisp, Solar Beam, Surf
Removed Moves: Roost, TAilwind, Wing Attack, Aqua Tail

Description: Wanted a Gliscor that venges itself for all his friends that died from Ice Beams. Its eyes are red and it's like the Groudon tansformation, lava, cruel... It slowly sneaks on the walls (just to remove roost with flavor to not be vetoed lol) and has like scorpions heads spirits around it.

Nice Breaker with Eruption+Recovery, or nice special wall even if it's physical bulk is very bad. Cool typing, makes a good usage of Cleansing Fire. Acceptable answer to Gilded Flice
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Ability: Light Power
is a Pre-Contributor
Repost my two of my previous submissions, might make two new later on
:sv/flareon: (+ :sv/eevee::sv/vaporeon::sv/jolteon::sv/umbreon::sv/espeon::sv/leafeon::sv/glaceon::sv/sylveon:)
Name: Rainbow Flare
Original Pokemon: Eevee + Flareon (with other Eeveelutions for design)
Type: Fire / Normal
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 95 HP / 145 Atk / 85 Def / 65 SpA / 125 SpD / 55 Speed | 570 BST
Paradox: Sky

The movepool changes takes Eevee and Flareon’s movepool in mind; as such, Rainbow Flare don’t get other moves from Eeveelutions.
New Moves: Sacred Tackle*, Leaf Blade, Waterfall, Zen Headbutt, Knock Off, Zing Zap, Spirit Break, Mountain Gale, Hone Claws, Bulk Up, Slack Off, Nature Power, Swords Dance
Removed Moves: Covet, Swift, Tackle, Tickle, Mud-Slap, Shadow Ball, Pay Day, Fake Tears, Attract
Type: Fire
Category: Physical
Base Power: 90
Accuracy: 100%
Power Points: 10 (16)
Flags: Protect (fails against Protect + variants)
This move ignores the target’s Ability. No contact.
Description: Flareon-alike Paradox Pokémon with traits of other Eeveelutions, as well as their fluffier fur having rainbow-colored gradient. It was used to be either an Eevee or a Flareon before being reincarnated by Ho-Oh, and blessed with the capacity of using a variety of different types of moves.
Competitive Potentials: With higher HP, thus overall better bulk, and actual coverage (including BoltBeam in the form of Zing Zap and Mountain Gale), in addition to a reliable Fire-type signature that ignores Abilities and contact-penalizing mechanics. Low physical bulk still sucks without Bulk Up set-up, and gains an obnoxious weakness to Fighting.

Name:Typhoon Balloon
Original Pokemon: Wigglytuff
Type: Fairy / Electric
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 128 HP / 80 Atk / 102 Def / 132 SpA / 72 SpD / 54 Speed | 570 BST
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Storm Rage*, Nasty Plot, Aeroblast, Fly, Air Slash, Hurricane, Moonblast
Removed Moves: Charm, Captivate, Attract, Last Resort, Heal Pulse, Present, Sing, Reflect, Light Screen, Sweet Kiss, Double-Edge
Type: Electric
Category: Special
Base Power: 130
Accuracy: 100%
Power Points: 5 (8)
Flags: Protect (fails against Protect + variants)
The user unleash a reckless barrage of lightning bolts, damaging all Pokémon, including itself, on the field. The user is still hit even if it fails to hit all other Pokémon.
Description: Based of a storm cloud, this Wigglytuff lookalike is said to be a result of a powerful thunder hitting an unknown Pokémon, causing it to become corrupted by the unstable storm-driven electricity.
Competitive Potentials: Slow, physically bulky Fairy / Electric type that have a powerful, consistent STAB, namely Storm Rage. While easy to revenge kill, it’s Nasty Plot set can prove annihilating. However, Storm Rage’s drawback means that it will always hurt itself it is keep using this move, even if the opponent is Ground-type or have Volt Absorb / Lightning Rod.


formerly The Reptile
Name: Parasitic Host
Original Pokemon: Parasect
Type: Ghost / Grass
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 72 HP / 136 Atk / 126 Def / 54 SpA / 146 SpD / 36 Spe BST 570
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Shadow Sneak, Shadow Ball, Hex, Ominous Wind, Night Shade, Destiny Bond
Removed Moves: N/A

Description: (WIP) Parasect but learning even heavier into the parasite / zombie theme it has, the Ghost typing representing that the host is completely zombified in this form due to the corruption empowering the parasite.

Competitive Description: Bulky Grass and Ghost type that hits hard and has access to Spore, making it exceptionally threatening both as a set-up Pokemon due to its access to Swords Dance and priority STAB Shadow Sneak and as a bulky pivot with utility moves like Knock Off, Leech Seed, Synthesis, and Stun Spore to go alongside Spore. Thanks to its massive attack stat this thing will hurt regardless of it being invested or not, meaning it is not passively sitting there like other bulky Pokemon. Meanwhile, its huge bulk and Spore lets it set up easily with Swords Dance to go for a sweep. Notably it lacks a strong Ghost STAB to keep offensive sets in check.

:nidoking: + :nidoqueen:
Name: Drilling Tyrant
Original Pokemon: Nidoking and Nidoqueen
Type: Poison / Electric
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 76 HP / 110 Atk / 108 Def / 104 SpA / 66 SpD / 106 Spe BST 570
Paradox: Sea

New Moves: Gunk Shot, Wild Charge
Removed Moves: All Ground Moves except Drill Run
Movepool is based on Nidoking
Signature Move
Type: Electric
Category: Physical
Base Power: 110
Accuracy: 100
Power Points: 5 (8)
Contact: Yes
The user lunges with brutal force with a spear or horn. The attack lowers the users and the targets Defense stat by 1 stage.

Description: (WIP) A black, angrier looking beast that resembles both of the Nidos with a more notable horn that is integrated with a crown design.

Competitive Description: A decently fast mixed attacker with good physical bulk and a good typing for switching in and letting it hit hard. Physical sets have access to less coverage options but stronger moves like Gunk Shot, Superpower, and its signature move Monarch's Decree while special sets have a bit less power in its STAB options and stats in exchange for access to the Nidos signature wide assortment of moves.

Name: Corrosive Wrath
Original Pokemon: Arbok
Type: Poison / Dragon
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 107 HP / 101 Atk / 79 Def / 53 SpA / 143 SpD / 87 Spe BST 570
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Dragon Rush, Outrage, Draco Meteor, Morning Sun
Removed Moves: N/A

Description: (WIP) A purple wyrm that resembles Arbok, but with fur and horns around it. The markings on its hood resemble tattoos one might find on someones chest instead of a face for intimidating

Competitive Description: The idea behind Corrosive Wrath is to be a premier Coil sweeper, with its massive Special Defense and relatively unique typing. I wanted to give this thing a recovery option, and decided that Morning Sun made the most sense thematically considering its ties with Ho-oh. While Coil is probably its primary set, it does have access to Glare and Dragon Tail to spread Paralysis and Toxic if you wanted a more utility based set. Cleansing Fire acts very similarly to Shed Skin in this regard, resetting its status after a KO.

Name: Lunar Tunneler
Original Pokemon: Sandslash
Type: Ground / Fairy
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 103 HP / 103 Atk / 87 Def / 103 SpA / 87 SpD / 87 Spe BST 570
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Play Rough, Moonblast, Moonlight, Dazzling Gleam, Mystic Fire, Power Gem
Removed Moves: Swords Dance, Poison Jab, Throat Chop, Toxic

Description: (WIP) A star nosed mole that has semblances of Sandslash's design, notably its giant claws. The quills on its back are now a cosmic dark purple resembling the night sky, glimmering star-like sparkles included

Competitive Description: The dreaded Ground / Fairy type that is expected to be exceptionally powerful, I wanted to be careful with such a type. I decided that an all-rounder stat line would be a good way of both balancing the type out offensively while also letting its defensive capabilities shine. Sandslash, with a few movepool additions, makes for a perfect Pokemon for this idea thanks to its natural access to Rapid Spin, Spikes, Knock Off, and Stealth Rock. I decided to remove Swords Dance because I wanted to be cautious about the power level of this thing. This thing can also be used as a Special Attacker thanks to its STAB combo alongside its natural access to Focus Blast. Mystic Fire and Power Gem are also a neat little option for coverage that I thought I'd give it to really let its Special Attack shine. Overall a neat little utility mon.
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Name: Argent Bolt
Original Pokemon: Mega Steelix
Type: Steel / Electric
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 64 / 82 / 164 / 64 / 172 / 44 (590)
Paradox: Sea
New Moves: Discharge, Parabolic Charge, Rising Voltage, Surf, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Wave Crash, Wild Charge, Whirlpool
Removed Moves: N/A
Description: This Pokemon resembles Argent Bolt, a serpent described within the Book of Enigmas. According to myth, two nations once went to war over a sacred island. A sea deity took notice and, angered by their violent profanity of the island, it sent upon them great bolts of lightning. The lightning rent the island into four, destroying its defilers in the process. Design is like Mega Steelix, but the hexagons marked throughout its body would be replaced with swirls, its face would become more angular, its jaw would lose some of the ridges, and its crystals would have lightning shooting between them.
Competitive Description: Huge mixed wall with Steel-typing and lots of versatility, plays similarly to Heatran. The main sets I see this using are physical wall and special wall, fairly self explanatory. They'd likely run some combination of STAB, Body Press, Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Roar, Thunder Wave, and Scorching Sands. Other sets I could see working are Whirlpool trapper with something like Whirlpool / Earthquake / Toxic / Taunt and bulky setup with Curse/Dragon Dance and whatever else. It doesn't any recovery, so make sure to bring Wish support and reliable hazard control. It really hates eating EQs, so pair it with a Ground resist (especially Flying-types, since they also resist Fighting). Some good partners for it might include Gliscor, which can keep hazards off with Defog and come in on Earthquakes and Close Combats aimed at Argent Bolt; Clefable, which can pass Wish and come in repeatedly in Argent Bolt's place, keeping it topped off; and Pelipper, which can clear hazards and set rain, nullifying Argent Bolt's Fire weakness and strengthening its Water moves, making it harder for Ground- and Fire-types to switch in.

Ema Skye

Name: Eternal Skull
Original Pokemon: Aerodactyl
Type: Rock/Poison
Ability: Cleansing Fire
Stats: 101 / 111 / 73 / 81 / 81 / 143 [590]
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Poison Jab, Primal Ooze*, Toxic Spikes, Disable
Removed Moves: Dragon Dance, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Heat Wave

Primal Ooze: Toxic clone. Ignores the opponent's typing. 8PP.

Description: Competitively, this plays like a funky Corrosion mon. Typing lures in Steels (hi Skarmory or Steelix) like nothing else and so it punishes them quite well. Also a weird stallbreaker with taunt+ooze with 101 subs.

Name: Regnant Smithy
Original Pokemon: Skarmory
Type: Steel/Fairy
Ability: Corrupting Storm
Stats: 86 / 86 / 88 / 82 / 118 / 110 [570]
Paradox: Sky

New Moves: Baby-Doll Eyes, Brick Break, Brutal Swing, Bulldoze, Draining Kiss, Encore, Fairy Wind, Fake Out, Fake Tears, Flatter, Fling, Foul Play, Gigaton Hammer, Heavy Slam, Ice Hammer, Knock Off, Light Screen, Parting Shot, Play Rough, Pounce, Reflect, Stone Edge, Thunder Wave

Removed Moves: Aerial Ace, Agility, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Brave Bird, Drill Peck, Dual Wingbeat, Flash, Fly, Fury Attack, Fury Cutter, Iron Defense, Peck, Pluck, Roost, Sky Attack, Sky Drop, Slash, Steel Wing, Tailwind, Twister, Whirlwind, Wing Attack, X-Scissor

Description: Special Steels don't really exist and we're still short on Fairies. Packs so much utility with a good generalist statspread.
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